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After moving back from our aborted stay in London I worked at the Lawrenceville office of PDI, Inc. I was the Executive Coordinator to the guy who ran the joint. Keeping Palm Pilots updated and schedules coordinated so that big decisions could be made, that was me. Unfortunately, our office was moved to Northern NJ and those who couldn't make the move up north, were laid off.

I also taught Dutch at the Inlingua school in Princeton for a while, and kept myself busy with random educational classes on fun things like Feng Shui and other things that interested me.

Speaking of classes, Spring semester 2002 was my indoctrination into the US higher educational system. I was accepted into Rider University as a senior once all the credits from my previous degrees from Belgium were translated into credits. I am now taking night classes to complete my degree in International Studies (appropriate, I know). In Fall 2003 I will be taking Speech Communication and a politics course on the American Presidency. Unless I get a big heap of cash, I should 'walk' in 2005 to receive my degree. Keep your calendars open.

As I can never be busy enough, I also agreed to maintain the website for Vlamingen in de Wereld (Flemings in the World, Region NY) as a volunteer. Hopefully I can use my newly acquired Dreamweaver skills and improve the site a bit. Suggestions are always welcome.



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